Entrance sign to Twin Valleys with 60-foot dome in background - Photo Angela Harper

Twin Valleys Community & School

in pictures and words


Bullied George February 1, 1927 – August 8, 2014

Our greatly beloved George, husband and father and friend, died peacefully August 8th at Penticton Regional Hospital, surrounded by family and friends. He was 87 years young. All who knew George will miss him. George was a man of strength, vision and love of his fellow man. He left the world a better place and his spirit will live on in those whose lives he touched, and there were many. George had a passion for justice and a heart that recognized suffering and a struggling spirit, and he spent much of his life teaching the Art of Living and introducing people to their inner selves, encouraging them to use their God-given talents in ways meaningful to themselves.

George was a Veteran of World War II and of the Korean War. His world was a big one. He was influenced greatly by Gandhi, the Hopi Indians, Martin Luther King, Fritz Perls, Abraham Maslow, and the Basilian Fathers of Windsor University where he became a Social Worker. George founded three rural communities for troubled youth in the 1970s and 1980s, the biggest one being Twin Valleys Educational Community near Wardsville, Ontario. Much of his life he worked with people as counsellor, healer, spiritual mentor, loving guide, inspired teacher. He was a long-term member of AA and valued the fellowship and principles of that organization. He became an Essene Minister in 1987 in Washington State, guiding and teaching according to the high principles of this historic group whose teachings had long been so close to his heart and psyche.

After returning to Canada, George worked as a Social Worker in Gastown for ten years, and his clients were those addicted to alcohol and drugs and those with AIDS. In 2002 he moved to Okanagan Falls with his wife, and founded and operated Pine Winds Recovery and Treatment Center until 2012. George is survived by his wife, Patricia Diewold, four children – Marty, Patricia, Adam and Jeremiah, three foster children - George Jr., Robert and Russell. He is also survived by two sisters, Georgina and Gladys, and predeceased by five brothers and two sisters.

THE 1970s            TODAY

The valley spirit never dies
It is the woman, primal mother.
Her gateway is the root of heaven and earth.
It is like a veil barely seen.
Use it; it will never fail.

Lao Tsu - The Tao Te Ching, tr. Gia-Fu Feng & Jane English

2010: Voices of the Valley. Edited by Hal Jenner.
A collection of photos, stories and lessons by the Students and Communitarians of Twin Valleys School, published on the occasion of the June 18th and 19th, 2010 reunion in London and Wardsville, Ontario.
More about Twin Valleys in Wardsville

Photo Albums

2011: Twin Valleys Reunion 2011 Western Canada  

Published on 25 Sep 2013 - Twin Valleys School, by Danny Gadd, Heart Visions Video Productions
Twin Valleys School was an alternative educational community founded in 1971 by George and Pat Bullied. It was a materialization of a dream George had - to provide a place for troubled kids where they could learn how to live, while learning how to make a living.

LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN - A National Film Board of Canada documentary about Twin Valleys

View of domes from the garden

Twin Valleys Community & School
Wardsville, Ontario, Canada.

A community that left its mark in the hearts of so many.

I lived there in 1974 and 1981.

George and Pat Bullied
1. Founders, George & Pat Bullied

George Bullied, founder of Twin Valleys School
2. George Bullied
Sixty-foot geodesic dome
3. The 60-foot Dome

4. Steve Barak, Maryse Barak; Marlene Gagnier,
Ryan Gagnier, Larry Gagnier; Ken Nicholls

The 60-foot dome - home base for Twin Valleys School
5. The 60-footer with Rod Conway
and Barbara Fisher? in foreground
Ken Nicholls
6. Rodger Hyodo walking down the hill from Twin Villas
Rod Conway
7. Rod Conway in clown outfit
Gary Lundy
8. Gary Lundy helping student Rick Canie

9. Jason Morris learns pottery with Ken Nicholls

Seph Harris and Garlyn  Lundy
10. Seph Harris and Garlyn Lundy
Irene & Fred Scott
11. Irene & Fred Scott

12. Movie night in the Lodge dining room

13. Cindy Scott, ? Bryant, Kayle Stewart and David Pfaff


Opal Acres farm at Twin Valleys

14. THE FARM - Clockwise from top left:

  • TVS' version of the Quaker farmer
  • Bob Groves milking
  • Dave Jackman? working, Paul Jenner and Russell Meloche watching
  • Laying drain tile
  • Randy Benn watching while somebody works the backhoe
  • Hay truck
  • Jack Carver ploughing
Black & white pictures 1-14 from The Emissary, September 1976


Twin Valleys School graduation class
Photo From Glen Brackmann
L to R: Tony Vischshraper, Elaine Frasier, Mary Zimmerman, Dorothy Scott, Fred Scott, Diane Scott,
Bernie Oyatedor, Bev Roach, David Pasikov, Becky Niven, Rick Caney, B J Lundy, Glen Brackmann, Don White

16. The Elementary School: founding class, graduation day 1974

Twin Valleys elementary school founding class

Teacher, Jeffrey Newman with Adam Bullied, Cindy Scott, Kelly Young, Chuck Aikman, John Zimmerman


Tribute to

Click to go to memorial page for Kevin Hunt


Twin Valleys today

18. The stack log building, with a fresh lookThe stack log building with a top floor 19. Towards the 60-footer Walking towards the 60-foot dome
Thanks to Barb Partridge for sending me these two pictures and to Mary Bastead for taking them.

If you want to see for yourself, and need directions, here's a map

A Twin Valleys student speaks (2007)

Why I was there:
I haven't been able to find out why I was even sent there. I was a runaway.

What I learned:
People are more important than possessions.
A fairly healthy diet.
Empathy, compassion, tolerance and always standing up for what I believe in, whether big or small
I don't follow the crowd, where everyone else will agree
I will speak out if I feel its wrong or unfair
I have not made it big. I am not wealthy, but I am known for fighting for change.

If someone would have listened to me growing up, my life may have taken a different course. It has been rough. Everyone seems to want to change the past, if they could. I would never change anything. It is because of it I am who I am today. I don't think I turned out that bad.

- Charlene

The 60-foot dome's frame in silhouette - Photo Angela Harper

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