Shadow - the black Labrador cross


MeteoriteOn the morning of August 3rd, 2001 Shadow died. He went peacefully. He was like a meteorite in our lives: his ten years was a brief, bright presence and now he's gone. We look in the places where he was and he's not there. His big, bright spirit brought a richness to our lives and our hearts - and now leaves us with a deep sadness.

- Jeffrey & Maddi


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They call me a "Labrador cross". I was born in South Africa and left my parents so long ago I can't remember. Maddi gave me to Jeffrey as a birthday present. This is what I looked like then.

A puppy in South Africa

I learnt how to get up and down stairs

I've been with Jeffrey and Maddi as long as I can remember.

I travelled with them from South Africa to Canada. That was hard: staying in my travel box all those hours on the plane. I had the longest pee of my life when I got off in Los Angeles. Then, when we first arrived in Canada, seeing my first snow - whoohoo! With my thick coat, I'm built for that stuff. The first couple of months in our new home in 100 Mile House was tough. We all stayed together in one room. I like to have territory I can call my own! It was a relief when we moved to a little cabin that had a backyard of its own.

I made many friends during that time - human and canine. I also made sure that none of those coyotes got too close to our house, or to us. Jeffrey got quite nervous one day when I faced off against five of them. Now we're in a house that has lots of space. I've learnt to chase the squirrels from the bird-feeder and leave the birds alone. That was hard at first. After all I have bird-dog in my blood.

When we were in South Africa, Jeffrey and Maddi were concerned that I not father any pups as there were so many around, uncared for. So, they spoke to the vet and he agreed to give me a vasectomy. He said it was uncommon but took as much time and trouble as neutering and would thus cost the same. I sure appreciate having all my equipment, even though I understand that, for some dogs, neutering is not the way to go. It helps that I'm not a big wanderer and I don't pick fights. Anyone else out there had a vasectomy?

- Shadow. 2001.


Every day in the early morning, this faithful dog
Sits quietly beside my chair
For as long as I do not acknowledge his presence
By the touch of my hand.

The moment he receives this small recognition,
Waves of happiness leap through his body.

In the inarticulate animal world,
only this creature
Has pierced through good and bad, and seen
Complete man;

Has seen him for whom
Life may be joyfully given;

That object of a free outpouring of love
Whose consciousness points the way
To the real, or infinite consciousness.

When I see that dumb heart
Revealing its own humility
Through total self-surrender,
I feel unequal to the worth
His simple perception has found in the nature of man.

The wistful anxiety in his mute gaze
Understands something he cannot explain:

It directs me to the true meaning of man in the universe.

Rabindranath Tagore
Rabindranath Tagore

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. . . and then, one day, Tinga arrived.
More dog paintings by Michael
by Michael Jurogue Johnson, born with Down syndrome and an inherited artistic talent. To see more of his dog paintings, click on the picture.

I hope if dogs ever take over the world and they choose a king, they don't just go by size,
because I bet there are some Chihuahuas with some good ideas.
- Jack Handey.


Rescue dog and fireman at Ground Zero, World Trade Center

Photo: Patrick Schneider, Charlotte Observer

An award-winning photographer, Schneider was fired by the Charlotte Observer for manipulating an image.


running puppy

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