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. . . and here's a book that will save you time and money in keeping your house clean:
Eugenia Chapman, Jill C. Major: Clean Your House and Everything in It.
and a remarkable architect who is having a significant impact on US corporate culture and designToilet cleaner holster

Compact Fluorescents:These light bulbs never really graduated. Be aware of their limitiations so you use them in the right places:
Compact fluorescents vs incandescent light bulbs.

Good use for a bargain shop toilet brush holder

Tip sent to me by a reader:
One of my inside doors came off the hinges, at bottom, and was just hanging there. I read somewhere that when screws are loose take a couple or three wooden matches and hammer into the holes...reset the hinge and screw in the screws. Did this up to resetting the screws, as they were old and couldn't get the screwdriver to turn them, so.... I just took the hammer and pounded them in. It's more solid than it has been for years and actually closes very smoothly. - Mrs. Fixit

One only needs two tools in life: WD-40 to make things go, and duct tape to make them stop. - G. M. Weilacher




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